Social Media Management

Social Media Management

You can make your community look like a powerhouse through effective use of social media. We have dramatically raised the profile of communities and companies by implementing integrated and ongoing campaigns.

At the core is content creation. CiViC 180 distinguishes itself with its ability to create appropriate but unique content. We have created content for a variety of clients that cover everything from current events to laws/regulations to future technology trends.

We also can manage the distribution of the content, paying attention to SEO needs, most appropriate distribution channels for the campaign (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and responding quickly to social media comments. etc.

Case Study: Irvine Chamber of Commerce — Getting to Number One

Irvine Chamber of Commerce Case Study

The Irvine Chamber of Commerce needed assistance with economic development without providing companies a tax or financial benefit.  Growing companies in Irvine was the answer.  To attract entrepreneurs and emerging growth companies, the Chamber decided to execute an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem to drive jobs and economic development.  The ecosystem included an entrepreneur forum, a training center, a weekly Micropreneur® webinar program, and a semi-monthly global market insights webinar to attract companies to Irvine.  An added feature was having the corporate community and the local universities to engage in the process.  The entrepreneurial ecosystem was instrumental in providing additional jobs, economic growth and bringing new innovation to Irvine.

Over the course of two years, the Irvine Chamber and related websites became the number one Alexa-ranked website in the US. The Irvine Micropreneur® webinar series was recognized by both CALED and IEDC.