Sustainable Funding

Sustainable Funding

Do you want to look back in five years and be able to say “We made a difference”? You can’t do that if you only have short-term funding. CiViC 180 is different in that we help communities create sustainable funding streams to support the programs that we create and manage. The goal of CiViC 180 is to have a funding strategy in place by the end of the second year of a project. We have experts that can advise your community on how to implement an integrated funding plan drawing from:

  • Government Grants
  • Foundation Grants
  • Corporate Sponsorships
  • Crowd Sourcing


In addition to the experience in fundraising of both Bob Maples and Chris Lynch, CiViC 180 has in its network fundraisers who have successfully raised millions of dollars from government agencies, foundations, high-net worth donors and crowd sourcing. Given the challenges finding funding in the current environment, this team approach allows communities to have a multi-pronged strategy in finding sustainable funding sources.

 Case Study: Irvine Entrepreneur Forum

The first business plan competition in Irvine was funded by a series of backers. The Orange County Workforce Investment Board (OCWIB) had announced a request for proposals for federal stimulus funds. Chris Lynch prepared the grant proposal and the project was selected for funding. This required a number of changes to internal procedures at the Chamber to comply with state and federal bookkeeping and auditing requirements. The Irvine Chamber contributed prize monies from its funding sources. To close the gap, Chris solicited cash and in-kind gifts from local technology companies, consulting practices, law practices and media companies.