Growing Your Local Business Community



The key to a vital community is retaining and supporting the growth of companies that are already present. The heart of any business retention program is meeting with local businesses. We help you develop a systematic approach to the outreach process and add other tools, such as training and webinars, to strengthen the identification of the businesses with your community. We have previously implemented initiatives using:

  • Business Communications
  • Seminars and Webinars
  • Access to Resources
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Promotions


Chris Lynch has developed business retention programs in both Santa Rosa and in Irvine. These programs include not only visits to companies (fundamental to any program) but also providing tools such as training programs and access to small business resources. Chris also started the IEDC and CALED award winning Irvine Micropreneur® weekly webinar series, which was cosponsored by Microsoft.

Case Study: Santa Rosa Keeps A Key Sales Tax Generator

The City of Santa Rosa and the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce started a program of visiting businesses to gauge local business sentiment. The City, in particular, was interested in keeping high sales tax generators. During one visit (a joint visit with Chamber executives, City staff and City Council members), the second largest auto dealership complained that its expansion plans were being held up by red tape. The project would occupy the same footprint and would include LEED building standards. The dealership said that it was being wooed by a neighboring city. The Chamber enlisted support for the renovation from nearby businesses and the Council Members and City Staff worked to expedite the permits. The result was a new environmentally-friendly building that generated additional sales and more tax dollars for the City. All for the small price of having an active program to visit local businesses.