Our Mission

The mission of the Community Vitalization Council (“CiViC”) is to promote community level economic vitality and jobs by bringing and implementing best practices in creating and supporting the growth of small businesses. CiViC advises and implements programs at the community level and works with cities, economic development agencies, Chambers of Commerce and other non-profit organizations. CiViC will specifically seek to provide the services to poor or underserved communities by developing stable funding streams for community-based programs using grants and donations.

Our Core Beliefs

  • Small business and emerging growth companies are the key to vital communities
  • Each community is unique but all face challenges from new technologies and globalization
  • For communities to thrive, the local citizens and companies must be involved on a long-term basis
  • Economic Development projects should be judged by appropriate metrics
  • We take accountability for our work. We view ourselves not as consultants to, but rather partners with, the communities we work with.

How We Do It

CiViC 180 starts by understanding the community and business needs  of each client.  We identify the economic and technological changes that your community; inventory the strengths and weakness of your human capital and infrastructure and provide you solution-based recommendations that we can implement.  We become your partner in executing the plan and building sustainable funding.

Our unique model helps build strong communities and great businesses.  Our proven model is practical and a repeatable process helping the community and its businesses find new avenues for innovation and growth.