Connecting Globally


Developing International Business Connections for your Community

Companies involved in global markets (exporters, importers or investors) have higher levels of profitability, greater growth rates and better rates of pay.  Yet only a tiny fraction of companies that could export actually do so. Studies have shown that the reason is a fear of the unknowns of international business. We provide a proven process, training programs and combine them with on-going updates on market conditions. We take the theory and make it real by finding customers and distribution channels. Some of the techniques we have used include:

  • Webinars
  • In-bound Trade Delegations
  • Training


Our Expertise

As a US diplomat, Chris Lynch worked with US companies in five countries to market their products or resolve trade disputes. He has used that expertise to develop programs here in the US that focus on addressing the most common issue of US companies: how to reduce risk when doing business in other countries. He has developed training programs on international trade basics and complemented those programs with an innovative series of webinars that provided US companies with direct access to experts at US Embassies and Consulates around the world. Face to face contact is essential in the international business deal and to address that Chris developed a series of inbound trade delegations

Clean Tech India

Working with 360 Consultant, the Irvine Chamber hosted a conference on Clean Energy Technologies in Irvine. Himanshu Thakker of 360 Consultant identified key decision makers (business and government) who had purchasing authority. On the margins of the conference, the US companies were set up in one-on-one meetings with the appropriate Indian counterpart. This approached resulted in sales in the tens of millions of dollars for the US companies while saving the companies the expense of marketing trips to India.